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Natural is happy, which the Philippines was telling me. I'm starting singing new songs in Manila now.





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IBASURA NA LANG (for Mac) by Tetsuya Endo


Without denying what already achieved shouldn't be able to get new stages; the photodiary thematizing Simplelife of the Philippines be my last challenge to break through. Any publisher may contact me! 


Transition Japan


"Hometowns should be thought of from a far, while singing a sad tune." (Saisei Murou; translated by William I Eliott and Katsumasa Nishihara) : Why did I, Tetsuya Endo, leave Japan? I confessed in English and photographs in 2004, and I will open it to the public on web now.


A Man Goes to North


A photos & nonfiction for travelling and living in Canada where I tried to immigrate first. Could be a MUST PHOTO-ESSAY FOR IMMIGRANTS for worldwide for confessed by a refugee of a developed country of Far East. Hoping to contribute to the later comers' challenges by showing how I made my way as ex-patrial and what my failures were. To sacrifice myself for the people to grasp what ever the problems there are and find any hints for better directions. To be serialised by day by day basis and planned to finish putting in about 2 months.


ASIA ANABA RESORT JOHO [Puerto Galera Wedding]

This is one of the "ECOH!" projects, which I named with Economy and Ecology, and promoting "PUERTO GALERA WEDDING" brand that means natural resort wedding especially towards Japanese. I want world's people to help Philippines keep maintain this environment as staying as they are, unconnected with the prevailed value that the poor without goods are bad to be improved by consumerism. I myself is a Japanese, though I was fed up with the materialism of Japan and migrated here to contribute to grow the germ of incoming post-materialism age encouraging the local tourism.


Starting point : looking for my town

Looking back on the photos I took in '80s just before the Bubble Economy wandering across Japan. It was a dog day of summer when I started taking pictures. In those days, smells still remained in towns. Boys were boys and girls were girls. Searching for my home like Japan, I was shooting from town to town. Since then over 20 years has passed. At that time, people were so busy for and absorbed in something constructions. By that what have they gained and lost afterwards?




My Beliefs & Causes Groups


"ECOH!" for Post-materialism in blogcatalog


ECOH! for Post-materialism in WebRing

"ECOH!" is my slogan against this excess materialistic world by offering more economical and ecological ways towards so-called sustainable economy. As trained in the advertising industry in Japan, I know the limit of pursuing commercialism in terms of economy and materialism in terms of ecology. The more one buys, the more one will become dissatisfied. That's endless without continuous happy feels. To make matters worse, even high-standard goods already overflowed on market; no effects for economy. Next step now by manipulating stock prices artificially should soon collapse, because it's not a real world but vertial; ilusion is illusion after all. Thus, I would like you to share the concept of economy and ecology "ECOH!" as one of the Post-materialism Movements. Any sites related to LOHAS are encouraged to join this ring. Nature lovers, eco activists and those who got bored with materialism are welcome!


My Works & Our Products On Sale!

The Page of Tetsuya Endo san
in DL-MARKET (Online Sale with

You can purchase my photographs and design materials on line to download in both English and Japanese, at DL-MARKET. The variety of works are from "Transition Japan," "A Man Goes to North," Philippines, '80s Japan and Photoshoped Design Materials.


Tetsuya Endo san no profile - Shashinsozai[Photolibrary] in Photolibrary

You can also purchase my photographs on line to download in a Japanese-written site, Photolibrary. Those works are from Tetsuya Endo's long journey abandoning Japan, looking for Canada, and settling in The Philippines.

Economical & Ecological Fashion Belts (Export and Import of Products / Parts)
in JETRO (Japan External Trade Organozation)

The vine-woven products are the special ones of Mindoro Island, Philippines, for Mangyan (the indigenous peoples). Regard it as disposable but good for environment when thrown away. Also, without buckles to utilise the used buckles of leather belts, usually disposed when the leather are worn out.

Artmajeur International Online Art Gallery


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