Since distant yesterday.

It was a dog day of summer when I started taking pictures. In those days, smells still remained in towns. Boys were boys and girls were girls. Searching for my home like Japan, I was shooting from town to town. Since then over 20 years has passed. What has been changed? I don't know. But definitely I never focus on the Japanese people's life.

Although respect for older things as make that country's history, I could hardly find it among them. When I realised I couldn't convey what I wanted to say in Japanese to Japanese people as copywriter, Japan was no longer Japan.

That's maybe a good thing. Even foreigners also can share the soil without ethnic barrier now. There are four seasons around the world, and our happiness of life is connecting with it. Our daily life is the nature itself.

Country to country, an appearance is different by lights and shadows in its scenery. In Japan, rain by rain it had become spring. Year by year, however, the changing of seasons is getting equivocal.

I remember, even in an October I could spend all day with a T-shirt on for hot wheather. Where is the saying, "Sudden fall in temperature begins autumn"? I hope, at least, to preserve our benefit from Nature. Abandoning Japan, finally at the Philippines.


1998-2002 Creative Director, Ad. Planning and Design Section, of FULLWORD
1995-1997 Assistant to the General Manager, Planning/Public Relations/Advertising Section, of HAMANAKO LAKESIDE PLAZA, a Resort Hotel
1994-1995, 1989-1990 Creative Director & the Chief Copywriter, the Third Production Department for HONDA, of TOKYO GRAPHIC DESINGERS


Grand Creative Prize in Sales Promotion Department, HONDA Motor Co. Ltd (1990)


BA, SEIKEI UNIVERSITY (Major: Cultural Anthropology) 1985

Professional goal

To Make People Think Positively on Truth.

When Tetsuya is really glad. Photos by Maricel.

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